Sweet Raspberry

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"Sweet Raspberry" - an exciting casual game that will immerse you in a fun and colorful world of fruit adventures. Your task is to smash the raspberries by launching balls into them.

Show dexterity and accuracy, shoot balls so that they hit the raspberries and cause cascades of bright explosions. With each successful hit, you will get more and more points.

But be careful! With each new line of raspberries become more and more difficult, and you will have to overcome more obstacles to reach your goal. Use different strategies and raspberry powers to overcome all the obstacles on the way to success.

In Sweet Raspberry you will find exciting graphics and animations, as well as sound accompaniment that will immerse you in the world of sweet fruit adventures. Compete with your friends and become a real master of smashing raspberries!

Ready to play? The time of fun and joy has already begun in "Sweet Raspberry"!